Visiting Woodlands improves Human Health

A study from Tokyo in 2009, showed that ‘Forest Bathing Trips’ (3 days and 2 nights in a woodland setting) significantly increased natural 'killer cells'. These are white blood cells which fight off cancer and virus-infected cells. The study showed that these levels stayed elevated for up to a month after the forest bathing trips.

Further Japanese studies have shown that woodland stays result in a lower heart rate, lower blood pressure and lower cortisol levels (a stress hormone). In effect, spending time in woodland environments, results in more relaxed biological systems, which could in turn increase longevity.

A study carried out in the US, showed that more than 15,000 extra deaths from cardiovascular disease and over 6,000 from lower respiratory disease occurred, in counties where large numbers of ash trees were removed following emerald ash borer infestation (after allowing for other influencing factors)

Tree Losses Cost Human Lives